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Recent articles

Some lessons from the sorry history of campus speech codes

Persuasion - 05.02.2022

Regulations on campus “hate speech,” sold as efforts to protect marginalized groups and prevent harassment, do neither in practice. At best, they’re ineffective, and at worst, they open the door to administrative abuses of power and contribute to a campus culture of shame and fear . . . 

Critics of New York Times ‘Free Speech’ editorial get it wrong by drawing false equivalency between criticism and crackdown

FIRE Newsdesk - 03.18.2022

Mischaracterization of the Times piece aside, there is no contradiction between upholding the legal right to free speech for everyone — even shamers and shunners — and advocating for a culture with less shaming and shunning . . . 

Speak your mind, but not like that: Are we all hypocrites when it comes to cancel culture?

FIRE Newsdesk - 02.08.2022

Recognizing that minds can be changed with time and through empathy should be a comfort to those who recognize that cancel culture is a problem, yet strongly oppose particular points of view, because it opens the door to a sort of “cancellation” that doesn’t require coercion or silencing: genuinely convincing someone they’re wrong . . .