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My blog is called Art Life Balance. I use it for sharing my outermost innermost thoughts about art and life.


With these posts, I work through creative and conceptual problems related to artmaking, often uncovering throughlines that inform how I approach lots of things in life.


If you like offbeat jokes, stream-of-consciousness-style ramblings, and off-the-cuff social commentary, you might just like Art Life Balance.


We can’t simply transform ourselves, when accomplishing a goal or task requires it, at our whim: We bring with us the habitual thoughts and patterns of behavior that characterize everything we do. By the same token, we’re not trapped by our past, not doomed to repeat unhelpful patterns forever.

Today’s new technological developments may expand material possibilities, but they’re indifferent at best and antithetical at worst to the emotional and spiritual needs of the human beings they’re ostensibly designed to serve.

It’s no wonder the state of being constantly plugged in — of consuming an endless stream of information, news, and opinion — makes people miserable.

What are the implications of opening oneself up to the public’s judgment, ambivalence, or — sometimes most problematically — approval? How does our relationship to our work change in the face of scrutiny?

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